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The City Of Pompeii

October 12, 2008

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Vesuvius Eruption

October 6, 2008

by Kristen Johnson

Pompeii was just one of the many cities around Mount Vesuvius. Before the eruption, Pompeii was quite a busy town. Its fanciest homes had mosaic flooring and colorful murals. During summer of AD 79, the townspeople felt tremors and heard noises but paid no attention to it. Little did they know, these were the result of the mountain getting ready to explode.

As the mountain exploded, tons of ash fell while many people attempted to hide or flee. Most people suffocated under the layers of ash. Cities across the bay ordered rescue ships to go and assist the evacuaees but for many it was too late.

After the ash had fallen, rain poured down causing it to harden. The hardened ash made casts of the bodies, artifacts, and other things from their time. The people in Pompeii were entombed in the hardened ash, which made it much easier for historians in later times.

When archaeologists discovered the bodies, the ash made perfect casts that showed the way of life, what they used during day-to-day activities, and other things such as pots and pans.