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Mideival Life Compared to Games and Movies by:Gustavo

October 29, 2008

In medieval times the life of a peasant was harsh. Men, women, and children had to work long hours everyday. The farmers worked according to the season. In spring and autumn they plowed and harvested. During the summer they hayed, weeded, repaired fences, and performed chores. Peasants didn’t have that many chances to take a break. The only occasions were they could celebrate were marriages and births, and the only time they had breaks were on Christmas and Easter.

In the medieval castles life was not how it was in movies and games because they didn’t have trenches filled with water and they didn’t have crocodiles swimming around the castle in the trenches. in the beginning life in a medieval castle was dull. In the castle you had little time to for your private life since you were constantly under guard. 

Then in 14th and 15th century life in the castle changed, it became luxurious and comfortable. The number of rooms increased, behind the walls there were wine cellars and fur rooms and salt stores, there was great furniture, and they had gold curtains


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September 4, 2008

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